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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Report: State of the Art(ist)

A Platform for Change
Report - Part One

Summary | Sommaire

Today, the environment in which dance artists operate is radically different than in decades past. New technologies, global interconnectedness and the changing nature of public engagement in the arts have been at the root of this change.

Aujourd’hui, le milieu de la danse diffère radicalement de celui des dernières décennies. Au coeur de cette transformation : les nouvelles technologies, la connectivité mondiale et la nature changeante de l’engagement public dans les arts.


[More than ever] there is a need to take another look at some of the fundamental assumptions of how the arts are supported and sustained in Canada, including how public investment is distributed, what kinds of working models best facilitate the creation, production and distribution of art, where partnerships can be leveraged to better capitalize the sector, and how the arts can better engage with, and create value for the communities and audiences they serve. In the first of a three part series, dance artist and arts policy researcher Shannon Litzenberger explores strategies to create meaningful change within the Canadian dance and arts landscapes.

Plus que jamais, nous avons besoin de revoir les prémisses du financement et de la durabilité des arts au Canada, y compris la distribution des fonds publics, les modèles d’opération pour la création, la production et la diffusion de l’art, les partenariats qui pourraient mieux servir notre secteur, ainsi que l’engagement accru des arts dans les communautés et auprès des publics. Dans le premier volet d’une série en trois parties, Shannon Litzenberger, artiste de danse et chercheuse en politique des arts, explore des stratégies pour créer un changement systémique significatif dans le paysage de la danse et des arts au Canada.

Shannon Litzenberger is a Toronto-based dancer, choreographer, writer, director and arts advocate. Currently an Innovation Fellow at the Metcalf Foundation, she is exploring the changing relationship between arts policy and practice. As an independent dance artist, she recently presented her new dance production HOMEbody - lessons in prairie living... to critical acclaim. She is the recipient of the 2012 Jack McAllister Award for Accomplishment in Dance from Ryerson University.

Read Shannon’s report in the March/April 2013 issue of The Dance Current print magazine. | Lisez l'article intégral dans l’édition imprimée de mars/avril 2013 du Dance Current.
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